Magic Cards

(The following are more for me to keep track than for you… obviously you don’t really care how much I workout each weekend.)

Thursday’s workout:  1 mile run before early morning body pump

Friday’s workout:  6 mile run, 52.5 minutes

Saturday’s workout:  4 mile run, 35 minutes plus 3+ mile walk with mi madre

(ended with  27  miles run this week)

Sunday’s workout: 5 mile run, 39.5 minutes

My weekend workouts were less than impressive, but I’m calling it a win that I even made it to the gym both days.  I’m normally a morning workout-er, especially on the weekends (and  by morning, I mean before noon), but we had so many errands and stuff, that the fave and I didn’t even get to the gym before 5 both days, so because I went (despite not really wanting to), I was rewarded with margherita pizza last night.

I know, good food choice Kathleen.


I did not do much of anything this weekend.  I watched a lot of Breaking Bad, did a lot of eating and a loooooooooooot of lamination cutting. 

My mom came in town for a wedding Friday night, so Saturday morning we took advantage of the beautiful weather to walk around the neighborhood.  We spent the majority of the morning looking for used book stores that doesn’t specialize in old or weird books, but after 5 failed attempts, we decided it was time to call it quits.  3 of the 5 we went to were closed, and the other two were just… different.

I did find a place where I can buy all my witchcraft books though.  Time to get out those magic cards from 6th grade.  

magic books

Sunday was spent running errands… mainly at the outlets in Williamsburg.  So, not really errands per say,  but shopping happened.

I also spent much time cutting out my cute little laminated ABC and color people that finally came in last week.   They’re all really, really cute (at least I think so), except for this one.

The th sound:

th 2 things that bother me about this:

  • The thumb is super creepy.  Couldn’t they have chosen something else?
  • Why is his stomach showing?  None of the other kids are showing their midsection.  Everyone else is properly covered.  I don’t want my kids to think this is okay and come to school in shirts like I wore in college. 

That’s going to bother me all year. 


Time to start another week!  Crossing my fingers that all my Vitamin C supplementing will keep the colds at bay!


Do you have anything fun going on this week?

We have half day Wednesday… I mean, the kids leave early and I still have to work all afternoon, but at least it’s switched up a little bit!


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