Impulse Buys at Target

Monday’s workout:  4 mile run, 30 minutes on the elliptical

I had yet another headache after school, and I couldn’t seem to make up my mind about what I wanted to do.  So, I did 2 miles, 30 on the elliptical, and then another 2 miles.  It was just one of those days where nothing felt fun.

Tuesday’s workout:  2 mile run, early morning body pump class

I’m trying to actually get my 2 body pump classes in this week (since school started I’ve only managed 1 per week), so an early wake up call was in order yesterday.  It felt great to get it all done before 7am…because there is no way I would have gone after work.


Yesterday was a rough day.  Rough.  Let’s just say it involved a student, a fire department,  and a false alarm.  I wasn’t amused. 

So, how do I make myself feel better?

I went for 3 specific things. 

I ended up buying a few more…of course.


Then the candy aisle happened.  I went in for Halloween candy and came out with 2 lbs of Swedish Fish.   Not totally shocking.

swedish fish

This candle made me happy, and even though it’s not Yankee Candle it still smells delicious.

pumpkin candle

Oops.  Got this too.  Essie Sand Tropez.

nail polish

And I was starving by the time I checked out so these got added to the mix.


I’ll be honest.  On the way home I was so hungry I was conflicted between the goldfish and the swedish fish.   I tried opening the candy first, but I think for some reason they make it so you need scissors…  That meant not eating a pound of sugar on the 3 mile drive home.   Instead, I ate half of the crackers.  Half.

Just call me Derby.


Do you impulse buy at Target?


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