Cramp Cures

Tuesday’s workout:  Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 4 mile run.  Holy moly it was awful.  I had to stop and visit the little girls room more than twice.  And my stomach cramps are still keeping me from enjoying Gallery Girls right now (that, and the fact that Gallery Girls sucks).


Monday night I had a horrible night of sleep.  I usually am not crampy each month (if you get my drift, ladies), but holy sh++ I am really uncomfortable right now.  Thank goodness I have a working heating pad, because that is the only thing that is saving me from cutting out my lady parts.

Because I didn’t feel good, last night I ran to Kroger for one thing, but came out with these gems.

white chocolate m&ms vino
Dear sweet Jesus, those white chocolate M&Ms taste heavenly.  So good.  I think it shows that I have self control by not inhaling the entire bag in one sitting.  Although if they are still here by Thursday, I’ll be shocked.

The wine…well, it was cheap.  And I don’t know if it was good because I got distracted by a box of Honeycombs instead.  But I’m saving it for another crampy day.

And then I spent 3 hours on the couch grading papers and watching smut on the telly with my heating pad, soooo it was a good night.

Have you ever had those M&Ms before?  Are you a white chocolate fan?


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