It’s already Monday?

Sunday’s workout:  6 mile run, 53 minutes.  Nothing special about this run, although I did get to watch the pilot of Nashville on my Kindle…and I really like it.  It kept me entertained for 42 minutes and included good music and slutty Hayden Panettiere and romance and politics.  What more does a show need?

1.  I ended last week with 27 miles.  Not amazing, but not terrible considering I didn’t run for 3 days.  I only made it to one body pump class and I felt weaker than ever.   Goal for this week- at least 25 miles and 2 body pumps. 

2.  The fave and  I finally watched the season premiers of Homeland and Dexter this weekend.  Holy sweet heaven…Dexter was sooooo good.  My hands were sweaty the entire show and I’m pretty sure I drank a bottle of wine in the hour. 

(I’m blaming my nerves for the wine.   I’m actually getting nervous just thinking about it right now…might be time for another glass.)

3.  Derby found a new plaything this weekend. 

A tampon. 

Don’t worry, it’s unused.


When I came home Saturday a chewed up tampon wrapper was in the middle of the room (tampon still inside).  I used to throw her mouse to her and say, “Go get that dirty ol’ mouse, Derby”, so I guess I’ll have to change it to “Go get that dirty ol’ tampon, Derby”…although it has kind of a gross ring to it. 

Luckily, she’s getting exercise while trying to capture the dirty ol’ tampon, so whatever.  If she loses weight by chasing a tampon around the apartment, then so be it. 

4.  I had grand plans to make delicious chicken enchiladas Saturday night for dinner.  The fave requested ‘some sort of bean dip’ first, so I made my healthy take on 7 layer dip- beans, taco mix, greek yogurt, salsa, veggies, and cheese.

And then that became dinner. 

Bean dip and chips.


Healthy eating at it’s finest around here.

5.  Fall is currently residing in Richmond.  Yesterday it was like 55 degrees and cloudy and rainy.   What happened to the awesome fall weather, like 60’s and crisp and sunny? 

I’m hoping the dreary weather heads on out soon, because indoor recess is not exactly something that gets me excited.

6.  Congrats to my friend Robin for running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!  You inspired me to drag my a$$ to the gym for 53 minutes.  Thank you.


Bean dip for dinner- yes or no?


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