Clever Title

Thursday’s workout:  6 mile run, 52 minutes (boo-yah, shaved one minute off my last 6 miler).  I took Wednesday off so I figured my legs would feel great, but they were still pretty sore from the huge huge huge amount of weight I was squatting during body pump Tuesday.  At least that’s what I think.


The school I teach at is in a Spanish populated area, so of course there are about one million Mexican/ Spanish/ I don’t know if I’m not being PC right now restaurants.  The one right by the highway used to be called Mi Hacienda (I think), but I guess ownership changed hands and this is now the restaurant is called:

la carreta

First off, I looked up la carreta and I think it means “The Cart” or something similar.   I was thinking it meant something like “The carnage” or  “Dead cows” or something. 


I’m pretty sure I’d never eat there just because of the dripping blood letters.

Not including the fact that it looks scary and is right by the highway.

Yesterday at school, someone made this dangerous looking snack mix and put it in the ‘beach’ aka the place where we eat lunch and talk about people (someone painted the room to look like a beach, but it’s not really a place where I’m going to be drinking daiquiris in my bathing suit). 

candy corn mix

For once in my life I got lucky with my lunch time (an incredibly early 11:30) and there was still SO MUCH LEFT FOR ME TO EAT.

People talk about some sort of candy corn/ peanut mix, but sweet baby cheeses, this stuff has that beat times one million.

So many of my favorite things in one treat- candy corn, reeses pieces, peanuts, popcorn…all drizzled in white chocolate. 

Dear God whoever came up with this is up there with Einstein.  Those little patches where a reeses was stuck to a candy corn with a piece of popcorn and a lot of chocolate made me happier than they really should have.

And I ate more than my fair share, but considering I used to have a late lunch and never got the good stuff, I don’t feel so bad. 

That was the most exciting part to my Thursday… sad?

Also, this week the fave and I celebrated our anni with a low key dinner and some of my favorite wine.  I looked like a zombie (plus I’m not a picture taking blogger) so there aren’t any pictures, but here’s one from FOUR years ago (minus a few months, blah)…

DSCN1612 So young looking and carefree.  He had no idea what he was getting into…


Would you ever eat at La Carreta?

How do you celebrate anniversaries?  We just decided that “buying a new couch” was the gift for each other.  Is that how it works when you get older? boo.


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  1. Laura

    You guys are cute! Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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