Blogs I Stalk

These are the blogs of people I pretend I’m besties with on a daily basis.  They got me addicted to reading blogs and inspired me to start my own (after creepily stalking for months on end and talking about them like I know them in real life).  Enjoy!



2 responses to “Blogs I Stalk

  1. Brier Bruner

    Hey Hey Kat 🙂 So you were in my news feed on facebook the other day and saw you in your cute sweatpink laces and thought to myself I wonder how Kat is doing and what she’s up to these days.. So I stalked your blog 😉 I am also a big blog stalker and LOVE reading and finding inspirations. Ive picked up running over the last couple years and Looooove it. I now know the feeling and adrenaline of getting that so called “runners high”. Yup i’m now an addict. I just completed my first mini marathon last year and now building up to eventually do a marathon like you. I not only run to stay fit but do it for the mental accomplisments Ive set for myself and of course so I can eat one of these Huge GiGi Cupcakes ( I’m so much in love with. I love the different ways people push themselves and go through the same situations I do. I just wish I had time for a blog so instead I read blogs for now. Wanted to recommend a blog to add to your list ….

    Her name is Meggie Dials and she went to DPU as well. (Not sure if you will remember her or not but she was more of my age). Shes very inspirational and Love reading her blogs and I think you will too.

    “How do we get there? We Climb. We journey. We balance. We reward”…… Mission from

    Keep up the good work! You still look as Beautiful as I remember. Hope all is well.

    Much Love,
    Brier Bruner

    P.S. I will be getting some sweatpink laces in the mail. I’m pretty excited to be apart of this motivated group and to spread the inspiration to others. (Thanks to you of course)….

    • Hey Brier!
      It’s so good to hear from you! I LOVE that you are a blog stalker like me… which is why I decided to start one of my own! Plus, I thought if I wrote it, it would help keep me accountable for marathon training- if I was talking about it, I had to do it, right?
      I’m so glad you’re getting some sweat pink laces! I hope that people see me as a tiiiiiny inspiration to run and get fit! 🙂
      Thanks for the new blog to stalk… the more I get into this, the more stalking I do!
      Hope all is well with you! Good luck with running! 🙂

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