Things I Spend $$ On

A few months ago when I really got into reading various blogs, I became addicted to trying out things they suggested, whether it be a new workout or recipes or stuff I could buy online (that I thought I didn’t need… but found out my life is SO much better with them).

The following are some things I spend my measly paycheck on, most of which have come from recommendations from fellow bloggers.– Awesome headbands that DO NOT SLIP at all when working out and are seriously such a good investment and totally worth the $.  I already have 4 and want more. – Who doesn’t love peanut butter???  I do.  I love it.  I especially love the Pretzal Pizazz and the Sneaky Cinnamon.  I could seriously eat an entire jar in one sitting.   Shipping is $10 but it’s totally worth it when you buy five jars at a time.  Pizazz here I come.  Love you. Awesome, awesome, aweeeeeeeeeeeesome soup mixes (and I’m sure other stuff, too, but that’s all I’ve had so far)! I’ve had the Antonio’s Ministrone Soup (delicious) and the Southwestern Corn Tortilla Soup (with added chicken) and they’re so simple to make and taste amazing!– I am in love with the Better than Naked shorts.  Seriously- if you were running naked, this is what I imagine it feeling like, but way better.  They are amazing.  If I were rich, these shorts would be all I own.  Until then… I’ll just save them for my long runs!– If you were wondering where you can get those bright pink shoelaces or cute tank, head over to!  I love the idea of ‘Sweating Pink’ and promoting a healthy lifestyle… plus, the laces make me easy to spot 🙂


2 responses to “Things I Spend $$ On

  1. Ummmmm do Bic bands work if you have a big head?! I’ve yet to find a headband that doesn’t slingshot off my head!

    • They are awesome! And, you can email Sandy (the woman who makes them) your head size so she can make them perfect for you. I had a friend send some back and she re-adjusted them to make them fit better. Also, I recommend the skinnie minnie ones- they don’t move as much!

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